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Talewater Press is an imprint of Patience Design Ltd, under which we are republishing English language editions of John Patience's back catalogue of illustrated children's books. Some of these 1980s children's books have been out of print for a while.

Have you been trying to find a new copy to replace a favourite Fern Hollow book you lost ages ago? If so, you may find it here. (If you're not already a fan you can get to know 1980s children's bookTales from Fern Hollow here.)

"Your work lives on strong in my house hold. We have made Fern Hollow our model for everyday life in our human world!"

Will Michael, "The CT Naturalist" (click to see Will's Youtube channel)

There are lots of second-hand (used) copies of John's books, including Tales from Fern Hollow, for sale online. Of course, we'd like people to buy our new copies but it can be difficult to spot them amongst all the others. To make this easier:

  • see below a list of the titles we have published so far with links to order them from the various Amazon country websites. We will update the list every time we bring out a new title, so if the one you want isn't there, it may be before too long.
  • or go to the Amazon site for your country and type "Talewater Press" into the search box to see a list of all the titles we have published.

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The Tales from Fern Hollow series
(Vintage 1980s kids books)

The Seasons in Fern Hollow

40th Anniversary Edition

Brock the Balloonist cover

The one that started it all, now in a new 64-page hardback 40th Anniversary Edition:
64 pages of detailed, colourful and cheerful illustrations introduce us, through the seasons of the year, to some of the animal characters who went on to appear in the four series that followed through the 1980s and 1990s.

Available to order from bookshops (ISBN 978-1916164666) and online from:


Original Series 1

Brock the

Brock the Balloonist cover

Mr Rusty's
New House

Mr Rusty's New House front cover

The Brass Band Robbery

The Brass Band Robbery front cover

Adventures in Fern Hollow

Adventures in Fern Hollow)

All four stories above collected together into this 80-page hardback book:
Brock the Balloonist; Mr Rusty's New House; The Brass Band Robbery; Sports Day.

Available to order from bookshops (ISBN 978-1916112599) and online from:

Original Series 2

The Unscary

The Unscary Scarecrow (Tales from Fern Hollow)

Birthday Surprise

Sigmund's Birthday Surprise (Tales from Fern Hollow)

Parson Dimly's
Treasure Hunt

Parson Dimly's Treasure Hunt (The Seasons in Fern Hollow)

at the Manor

Muddles at the Manor (Tales from Fern Hollow)

Happy Ending Stories from Fern Hollow

Happy Endings Stories from Fern Hollow cover

All four stories above collected together into this 80-page hardback book:
The Unscary Scarecrow; Sigmund's Birthday Surprise; Muddles at the Manor; Parson Dimly's Treasure Hunt

Available to order from bookshops (ISBN 978-1916112544) and online from:

Original Series 3

The Tortoise Fair

The Tortoise Fair (Tales from Fern Hollow)

Mrs Merryweather's Letter

Mrs Merryweather's Letter (Tales from Fern Hollow)

Granny Bouncer's Rescue

Granny Bouncer's Rescue (Tales from Fern Hollow)

The Midsummer Banquet

The Midsummer Banquet (Tales from Fern Hollow)

Favourite Stories from Fern Hollow

Favourite Stories from Fern Hollow


All four stories above collected together into this 80-page hardback book:
The Tortoise Fair; Mrs Merryweather's Letter; Granny Bouncer's Letter; The Midsummer Banquet.

Available to order from bookshops (ISBN 978-1916164659) and online from:

Original Series 4

Castaways on Heron Island

Castaways on Heron Island

The Floating Restaurant

Castaways on Heron Island


Fairytale Favourites Volume 1

Fairytale Favourites Volume 1

Four of the most well-known and well-loved Grimms fairytales are collected together into this 80-page hardback book:
Puss in Boots; Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty; and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Available from bookshops (ask for ISBN 978-1916164611) and online from::


Tales from Fern Hollow by John Patience is a vintage1980s children's book series (1980s kids books) - perfect for those looking for 1980s nostalgia.