Rainbow's End


Look up into the sky. Can you see the rainbow? It arches like a bridge over the hills and comes down into Nutshell Wood. At the end of the rainbow, deep in the wood, a tiny magical village is appearing. That village is Rainbow’s End. Rainbow’s End can only be seen by humans when a rainbow is in the sky, otherwise it is invisible to everyone except the gnomes who live there and the woodland animals.

The gnomes of Rainbow’s End are jolly little folk who are always busy. Lots of exciting and interesting things happen in the village and no-one is ever bored. This book tells the story of something that happened there. A little bird told me!

List of titles in the Rainbow's End series:

  • The Winter Warming
  • Toby Claypot's Wishing Well
  • A Trip to Granny Rumbletummy's
  • Woolly Foot's Good Idea
  • The Wonderful Whatsisname
  • New Friends
  • Toddy and the Fox
  • That Mouse Must Go!

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