Teddy Bear Stories

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Edward Tall and Teddy Small

Teddies on the Runaway Train coverEdward Tall and Teddy Small are two teddy bears who sit in the windows of Mr Meadows's toy shop. When no-one is looking they magically come alive and have all kinds of fun and adventures.

This series of four titles was originally published as a "Squeeze Us", board-backed version for younger children. The 3-d teddies on the cover extension squeaked when squeezed (not shown).

8 full-page spreads.
Titles in the series:
Teddies on the Runaway Train
Teddies Afloat
Teddy Small Behave Yourself
Teddies Fly Away
Publisher: Peter Haddock Limited, Bridlington, U.K.

Teddies on the Runaway Train illustration

The Teddies and their friends visit the supermarket and enjoy a midnight feast!