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John Patience

John Patience is the author and illustrator of more than 150 children's books, including traditional fairy tales (fairy stories), his own original fairy tales, Teddy Bear stories, educational books, bible stories and more.

Tales from Fern Hollow continues to be John's most popular series of books.

Джона Пейшенса
Джона Пейшенс


Talewater Press

Talewater Press is a publishing imprint of Patience Design Ltd. Starting May 2019 we republished many of John's backlist titles which had been out of print for a while. Readers can now order new copies of the Tales from Fern Hollow books published under our own imprint. Other titles will follow.

See which titles are available on our Talewater Press page

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Foreign Rights

As a published illustrator and author for more than 40 years, John Patience has an extensive back-catalogue of children's stories and illustrations. Rights for these children's books are available for foreign translation and publishing worldwide, as well as licensing for toys and other products.

Please visit our separate Intellectual Property / Foreign Rights web site to view some samples.

We are represented in Asia by Nicole Shu at Rightol Media Ltd, Chengdu, PRC.