About Us

John and Jane Patience own and operate Patience Design Ltd.

Patience Design Ltd

The majority of John's books were published in the UK by Peter Haddock Publishing Ltd. of Bridlington, Yorkshire and licensed by them to foreign publishers for translation and publication abroad.

In 2012 Peter Haddock Publishing closed and the rights for the majority of John's books published by Haddocks subsequently reverted to John. As owners of the rights, we are now able to offer licences to publishers around the world.

We have already licensed rights for many of John's titles to publishers in the Russian Federation, People's Republic of China, Estonia and Bulgaria.

If you are a foreign rights buyer or agent, please take a look at our dedicated Intellectual Property / Foreign Rights web site where you'll find a comprehensive sample of illustrations on display.

Alternatively, please e-mail your enquiry to

John Patience

John is the creative partner and we've lost count of the number of children's books he has written and illustrated.

Jane Patience

I do the admin, and build and maintain our web sites. I'm also involved in the Rights Licensing and organising publication of titles through our own imprint, Talewater Press.


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